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European Social Label

Divisioner, våra verksamheter  för ett inkluderande samhälle

Care to Change the World

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Activities - overall

The aim of the European Social Labels is to make it attractive for mainly micro, small and medium-sized companies to work for a more inclusive society, something that has hitherto been mainly for large companies. Until now, it has simply been too difficult and time-consuming to combine some form of profitability and to spend time on CSR, social corporate responsibility. But the fact that Sweden, and in principle the rest of Europe, to 99.9% is run by small or small companies at the same time as it is those 0.01% who have the opportunity to work with people in exclusion, it was judged that there was a niche for European Social Label. 

"The goal is for it to be attractive for more people, especially small businesses, to be involved in the societal development in which they operate"

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Operations – six divisions

The businesses are divided into several specializations and there are several categories and more specializations. The European Social Label takes a holistic approach to the issues of exclusion in society and then one or a few activities are not enough. The three main specializations are companies, authorities and private individuals, and under that there are both idea-driven and for-profit businesses. European Social Label creates new platforms as needed and should be available wherever people and companies are. It includes everything from youth initiatives, education to running inclusive and equal workplaces.

”Med våra sex huvudinriktningar;  får European Social Label ett helhetsgrepp på strukturen i samhället”


EUSL Group

Motorn i European Social Label med ett holistiskt approach



Member organization within the European Social Label


EUSL Business

Own businesses based on our concepts


ECSR Group

For retailers and suppliers to gather around



Businesses without their own profit interest can be found here


EUSL Impact

Projects, business development and reporting