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The concept in the operations

Only two concepts are required to solve Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges

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Concept ideas

To solve Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges, it was assumed that it was necessary to be able to keep several balls in the air at the same time. Integration and exclusion is something that has so far been costly and inefficient and many people do not even like the word. For several years, the European Social Label created thoughts and visions about how it should be presented to someone else, in the simplest possible way, and tried to apply them to the activities. In the end, it emerged that integration and exclusion are such a complex apparatus to explain that it is not possible to point to individual details and claim that this is integration, or that this is exclusion, or that this is equality. 

Instead, two concepts were created, opposites of each other, which together include everything that the European Social Label stands for. The concept stands for the idea-driven sector as well as the private sector and the goal is that within the business, these two concepts should only be a concept, a thought. The private sector must approach the idea-driven sector, on its own terms, and it will be profitable for all parties. 

"Everything has a back and two sides of a coin are well-known sayings. Within the European Social Label, backsides should be avoided as much as possible and both sides of the coin should be attractive. ”

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Concept - Ideaburet

One side of the concept focuses on the idea-driven thought and is called for RoomsWithoutanAppointment, rooms without meetings, which is an idea that tomorrow's society should be for everyone no matter who they are, origin, sexual orientation, functional variation and so on. You must also be able to take part in society's offerings in full, or according to your own conditions, and you must be able to be everywhere without having a reason or being perceived as a burden. So it is the individual who should say stop, not society. 

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Concept - Profit-making sector

For many small businesses, working with people in isolation is still a cost and not an investment. We want to change this through the concept called RoomsWithanAppointment, a meeting place, which will simply offer mainly small companies the tools and knowledge to be able to work with people in a more inclusive way, partly cut their own costs and partly give themselves the opportunity for increased turnover. It may sound sad that money rules, but when it even says in ABL, Aktiebolagslagen, that companies must do their utmost to make money, then that is what the rules of the game look like. 

The European Social Label takes note of the facts and focuses on what gives companies the opportunity to do so. When at the same time, through the opposite concept RoomsWithoutanAppointment, it creates a wonderful synergy effect where we get both more competitive companies but also a more inclusive and equal society.