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European Social Label


This is part of the membership

It must be attractive and profitable for a company to become a member of the European Social Label. Otherwise, it's just another business network among others. We think we have succeeded in this and below you can read more about the different services we can offer. The first eight positions have a value of up to SEK 4,400 per month, while the other four weigh in at approximately the same amount. But for those who do not need any of the services below, a lot of marketing and brand development of their own business is still included, so there is always something for everyone.

European Union

In addition to solving Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges, EUSL is a platform for trade and financing for you and your customers throughout the EU.

EUSL opens up the invisible borders between countries by offering members increased opportunities for transnational trade without increased risks between buyers and sellers.


EUSL is run from an idea-driven perspective where the surplus goes into our foundation and then out into society through projects that our members want to drive towards a better society.

The projects are marketed back to our members, with brand development as a result and a better society to live and work in for everyone.


The digital workplace in a safe place. Mattermost is a service similar to Workplace by Facebook but for those who want control over all their data. European Social Label offers a completely isolated full version of Mattermost

Together with an integration with Meetiz, Mattermost will be a safe and reliable workplace for all employees.


EUSL offers a preconfigured platform for all digital marketing, which also includes statistics and reports from the work that is created. Mautic runs completely isolated from the outside world in a protected environment.

Through Mautic, all campaigns are managed, emails are sent and everything is synchronized in one place. Work smarter, not harder.

Meetiz - free and unlimited meetings

With Meetiz, EUSL offers a customized and unlimited video conferencing service that focuses on security and anonymity.

The service can be customized with members' graphic profile to create a recognition factor and can easily be integrated with other services such as Mattermost or Youtube to reach a large audience.

Owncloud - your data, your platform

Each member gets their own cloud to store their data. Never again do you have to worry about the data disappearing or unauthorized spying or having access to the data.

  With its own servers, EUSL can guarantee that our members' data is protected every day and at the same time requires that all data is handled at a level equal to healthcare in Sweden.


GDPR-ready customer system for all members. As a member of the EUSL, each member gets their own instance of the CRM system, which was named the world's best CRM system in 2015.

With SuiteCRM, all members are ready to manage their customers in a correct and secure way. SuiteCRM is a complete yet simple and customizable system.

WORKPLACE by Facebook

Through a collaboration with Facebook, EUSL can offer the business platform Workplace to all members. 

Video meetings, chat, groups, networking with other members, collaborations and much more in a visually familiar environment but which is at the same time completely separated from Facebook. Workplace business members are prioritized to a greater extent by Facebook.


A complete service for the entire company in modern module form including accounting, invoicing, asset management, HR and personnel services, onboarding, project management and much more.

Open Project

A real project management system with all the accessories you may need. A similar system is included in Odoo as well, but here it is disconnected from everything else and there is nothing to disturb.

S'agapo Store

A platform for e-commerce platforms. Here, members sell their products and services together for a better society. For every item or service sold, a small portion goes to our foundation.


All companies are at some point facing the problem of charging or getting paid. European Social Label has developed its own factoring service that focuses on transnational factoring.

European Social Label Logo

All servers operated by European Social Label have two requirements: They must be ethically correct and have a good environmental profile. Those who use European Social Label's services can in turn tell their customers that their data is stored and managed in accordance with ISO27001 for information security and powered by hydropower, so-called green energy. 


more than just on paper

Being a member of the European Social Label means taking a stand. Our members have decided to do something for their fellow human beings. We believe that everyone knows someone who is unemployed, without studies or just needs the right motivation to get started. Membership is the cornerstone of the European Social Label's activities. In addition to running the services that the membership includes, the surplus, as much as up to 90%, goes into our foundation called EUSL Foundation. The foundation distributes money to social projects but also runs its own. What they have in common is that all the project, own and external, is decided by our members. Furthermore, all projects have a local connection to our members as we have formed 21 market areas that follow the county division in Sweden. This aims to not get any top management but everything starts locally from the member and should be returned to the member through attractive projects that are marketed in the right way. 

Membership means much more than just membership itself. For those who wish, there is the opportunity to take part in our validation system to demonstrate social responsibility in the workplace. It is a modern system based on ISO26000 and which uses gameification as a model. Now the minimum requirements that other standards include have been removed and instead it is a points system that applies. We understand that a small company with an employee does not have the same conditions as a larger company, but also the small company must be given the opportunity to work with integration and exclusion and demonstrate this. In addition, everything counts when it comes to creating a better society, if you wait six months for the authorities' bureaucracy, it is people who suffer in the meantime. 


Cooperation for the private sector


The basis of the European Social Label is integration and exclusion from the idea-driven perspective and our organization is based on cooperation. As the word suggests, networking means a great deal in these matters. A membership in the European Social Label shows that the company is interested in, and driving, in these issues and wants to be part of a societal change. As a member, there are therefore good chances of both generating new customers in the form of those who make conscious choices, but there is also a good opportunity to make your own demands on the suppliers with whom you collaborate. European Social Label does not cooperate with any company that does not take social responsibility and we want more people to do the same in the future. 

Through our entrepreneurship program Social Green House, members also get the opportunity to meet, coach and inspire new entrepreneurs. By introducing our members and their services and letting them tell their story, they inspire new companies to emerge. Conversely, it also generates new customers for our members as the contractors also have needs that need to be met. Here, the European Social Label matches carefully to get the right supplier with the right values. 

As a member, you can also take part in our membership program, which includes everything from breakfast meetings and seminars to courses, training and lectures, networking with other members and much more. We call it the Social Convention and are local, national and international gatherings that are spiced up with employers' organizations, authorities and interest groups and each gathering has a special theme. 



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