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Our elongated country is fantastic in many ways. A large number of lakes, forests and cities are some of the many features found here. More things that Sweden is good at are the creation of music as well as innovation, where both ABBA and Spotify are great representatives of both. This heritage, which in many ways has put a small country such as Sweden on the map, is something that the EUSL wants to take advantage of and further develop. 

The European Social Label, EUSL, works for a more inclusive and equal Europe and the work begins in Sweden. As the country is so elongated and depending on where you are in the country, the conditions differ significantly. It is not very rare that there is a snowstorm at one end of the country at the same time as the spring flowers bud at the other end. The same differences exist between people in different parts of the country, with widely differing lifestyles, demographic situations, levels of education, entrepreneurship, integration and exclusion. 

For this reason, the European Social Label has chosen to divide Sweden into 24 market areas. These market areas correspond to the county division in the country and also consist of three additional project areas. Each market area takes care of itself and offers all the concepts that the EUSL Group has. This means that a membership in the European Social Label is isolated to the individual market area, so that nothing should be perceived as top-down and as a member you should have a strong connection to the local community where you operate. 

The European Social Label has chosen to use a landscape bird as a symbol of the local market area. Swipe left to visit each market area. If your area does not exist, contact us and we will create it together!

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